The Geometry of MetaLES in Second Life

MetaLES (moderate)

I dropped in to see what was going on at Per4mance MetaLES↑ this morning and discovered two installations exploring the wonders of geometry – shape, sound and even philosophy are explored. (As always, click on an image to see it full sized.)

At sea level I found Conformational Change by Selavy Oh↑ and these are the region windlight settings – I didn’t mess with them. Well I did mess with the installation, sort of.

Part of the immersive experience of the work is that when you fly through the 1.000 prims they change their positions. A way to remake your world on a small scale. :)

After enjoying a game of, what felt like, sentient pickup sticks, I went up to the work of Maria Grot↑. This artist is new to me and I suspect that’s because she spends most of her time in open sim.

This is another immersive experience and one that engages your ears as well as your eyes.

I really enjoyed both of these installations – being able to affect the experience makes them come “alive” – and they’re both a great reminder of the power of the grid.

Now, speaking of geometry, there is a GIANT exhibit opening soon involving multiple artists and our favourite iconic inworld shape. Think “cube”. What I’ve seen so far is intriguing and once I know more about it I promise to share.   In the meantime, go play with the artistic math that is out there in the middle of the ocean. :)

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  1. Aloha Honour!

    You are talking of one of my favorites artists! Maria Grot is a RL and SL conceptual artist from Argentina that also works “on demand”. Doing virtual installations, she works in any metaverse similar to Second Life from several years now, but she is well known inside the Spanish community. She’s quite creative mixing educational projects with art, doing fantastic an original installations, getting immersive and interactive results.

    In “Geometry of Sound”, the observer became an active part of the installation and can create music. Here it is a videotutorial about how to use it:

    And… in the case you understand Spanish, here is the link to an interview I did to her in 2008:


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