A Gorgeous Mesh Combat Sim in Second Life

I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I’m a coward. Military/war/combat sims are way out of my comfort range and it doesn’t help that I’m usually killed as soon as I land on one.

This background is my justification for staying within the sanctuary of the City of Edmond↑ church this morning and just camming around the sim. :)

I might have taken my chances on the street but the information card at the landing spot only said that visitors are not allowed in the parliament building, the rest of the material was on combat rules and weapons and schedules. I decided to stay where I knew it was safe.

This is a gorgeous mesh sim. It feels much bigger because there is so much “build” there – it would take hours to explore every nook and cranny. I love the way mesh textures and objects rez and photograph – it’s a superb example of what’s possible.

I don’t know anything about the Merczateers↑ and the “info” part of their site has a broken link. However, they have a style I appreciate. Their application form insists that recruits use ” acceptable English, including: capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar and spelling.” You might think this would preclude speakers of english as a second language. In my experience it will actually put more pressure on those who consider chat and text-speak to be “the norm”.

Guns and recruitment policies aside, this is a neat sim and you should go visit. Those with more courage than I will probably leave the church of course. :)

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