One Day in the Second Life of Westdell

Westdell (moderate)

I’m getting caught up on my to-do list but I took a bit of time for myself and played with windlight on Westdell↑.  I freely admit it would require an extraordinary combination of weather patterns to actually see these changes in one area in an 16 hour period, but it was my exercise and the photos do represent sunrise through dusk.

Westdell (moderate)

My inner musings these days are at the “concerned” end of the scale. I’m cursed, if that’s the right word, to be inclined to inductive analysis. I take disparate bits and see patterns. The world is a scary place right now.

Westdell (moderate)

I’ve always thought that proselytizing should be illegal (not that my feelings have any impact). People are so damn sure they’re right and that they have the anointed authority to affect the daily lives of others with or without their consent. Even worse, they feel that the rest of the world isn’t just misguided but actually the “enemy”. It must be exhausting.

Westdell (moderate)

If there are no discussions, debates, exchanges and everything is a “war” (of words, philosophies, ideologies) it somehow seems like there’s a great deal of insecurity hidden beneath the “oh so self assured” posturing. It’s no wonder the rest of us just focus on the very small horizon of our daily lives. The rest of the world is just nuts.

Westdell (moderate)
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  1. Spiral Silverstar

     /  August 20, 2012

    Oh, I SO agree with you about this! And, I Love the very small horizon of my life!! :-)

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