Sometimes Second Life Defies Reality

Da Vinci Gardens (general)

Yes this is a very quick post. First let me say that (apart from “events”) this was the only time I can remember visiting a sim↑ with 30 avatars on it. There is a volcano, gorgeous buildings and free gondolas. However, most seemed far more attracted to the Da Vinci flying machines also available for your use. :)

When I logged on this morning I saw two posts talking about recent JIRAs. One↑ is particularly relevant for those with bandwidth limits and/or issues (Shug↑ has more). The second↑ is straight from the world of Rincewind↑.

Prim Perfect’s↑ explanation seemed totally unsurprising – but that’s because I’ve been re-reading the entire Discworld↑ series (in my spare time) and I would swear that only Terry Pratchett↑ could have come up with something like this.

For those who don’t follow links – the second JIRA refers to the current test for determining your “real” identity should you forget your password. They list the last names of three people on your ‘friends list” and you supply the first names. Um, so all those “Resident” names on your list ….. that could be interesting. Even if you don’t have a lot of “Resident” friends, could you remember the first name of everybody on your bloated list? Really, the Unseen University↑ has nothing on some of these developers.

We’ll have to figure out how to explain this to those Steam↑ visitors.

Apparently this is Black Cat Appreciation Day↑. Fine, I found this guy – here’s my contribution.

Da Vinci Gardens (general)
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