Aught Remains in Second Life

Aught (moderate)

If some of the photos look ‘moody’ today it’s because I was a little grumpy. I don’t know why server restarts mean that textures load so slowly for me. Most SL marriages don’t last as long as I have to wait. :)

I was stubborn though because, although I’m sure I’ve visited Aught↑ before, I hadn’t checked out a couple of the neighbouring sims. New parceling has been done to Aught and there are some  interesting additions – such as this Jazz Bar.

Aught (moderate)

By now you know I enjoy “malls” only when somebody has gone to the trouble to make them interesting.

Zilch↑ has a shopping district but it’s much more appealing than the “norm”. Each of the stores has managed to show style and even humour.

Zilch (moderate)

It’s all in my imagination of course, but one of the things I remember enjoying about Aught (and now Zilch) is that it doesn’t feel antiseptic. It’s more like dirt is possible but the residents work hard to tidy up.

Zilch (moderate)

I made it to 3 of the group of sims before my frustration with textures got the best of me. They all show a funky mix of themes and builds but they’re all well worth visiting. You might even get some shopping done. :)

Jazoo (moderate)
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