From the Deep Sea to a Distant Galaxy in Second Life

Purple Coral (moderate)

I started off the day playing with the water presets in windlight while trying to take pics underwater. This was fun but (and it’s a big but), the tiling bug really, really hates water and it’s just frustrating to have to “fix” things all the time.

My next stop was “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …..” on Bakura↑.

Bakura (moderate)

This is a role play community (of course) and home to the Grand Army of the Republic↑. Based on the information in their wiki they’ve been around since 2005 but it looks like there was a major change in personnel in 2010. Given that it’s a militarily oriented crew this may have involved a coup – but that’s just speculation on my part.

Bakura (moderate)

Two things to note when you go visit: the first is that the rules require you to wear an OOC tag to look around, however, I didn’t see one available in the landing spot so I made my own; the second is a warning you get with the background information, ” The sim may involve themes of violence, adult language and sexual content, by entering the sim you agree not to hold the sim owner responsible for anything you may experience within the sim.”

To me this meant they didn’t want to hear about it if (as usual) somebody killed me as soon as I arrived.

Bakura (moderate)

As it turned out my explorations were peaceful. :)

There is a nice use of mesh and the different levels of the build have a complexity that lends itself to immersive role play. If you have always wanted to be part of the rebel alliance universe – go check them out.

Bakura (moderate)
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