Realize your Vision in Second Life

The Returning (moderate)

Some destinations are harder for me to capture than others. There are locations that just don’t inspire me but sometimes the problem is reversed. The Returning↑ is a good example of the latter – I’ve tried repeatedly to take images of Marcus Inkpen’s↑ installation at the Art Screamers↑ curated LEA↑ sim and always failed miserably (usually I crash).

I need a computer that doesn’t have heart burn when I get excited about something. Today’s photos were taken using the dimensions of my screen – it’s the only thing that saved me (you can click on them to see them full size).

The Returning (moderate)

I was determined to succeed today because there is very limited time left to visit. The current round of LEA exhibits will close on August 15th. If you haven’t visited all the wonderful builds you’d better get out there.

Bring up the LEA sims on your map and just teleport randomly – you’ll find some glorious creations.

The Returning (moderate)

The applications for the next round of land grants are now being accepted – and the closing date for this is also August 15. You really need  to read the information↑ and submit your idea.

One of the things I’m not sure people realize is that, once  you’ve received the grant, you have 4 months to build before it should be ready for the public to view. Four Months! Nobody is asking for a full blown sim-sized masterpiece on day 1. If you have an idea, and want an opportunity to realize that vision, go apply↑. You are just as worthy as the next person and I want to see your work. I want to walk through it and admire it and be jealous of your talent and imagination.

The Returning (moderate)

I’m going to spend a few more hours enjoying Marcus’ forest and then go revisit some of my other favourite builds before they disappear. You need to see what’s there, get inspired and go apply↑ to create something.

There were only 4 images that seemed OK from this morning’s effort so I’ll indulge myself with a little music. Use it to gather some momentum and put yourself and your vision out there. You have nothing to lose! :)

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  1. First of all, thanks for the Rodrigo y Gabriela. They are so fabulous I’ve collected nearly all their recordings. They have amazing talent and a very unique style.

    Secondly, I love the aspect ratio for these pix. I’m a big fan of the wider format and try to shoot with it as often as possible, where appropriate (and I also love a square format, too, having gotten used to a Hasselblad camera at one time).

    Lastly, thanks for sharing another wonderful place to explore :D

    • They get me pumped :) I feel bad about not sharing it earlier but the crashing made me quit too often. All my own fault of course. *grin*

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