When it’s NPIRL* or Second Life

The Lost City (moderate)

Something very strange happened yesterday. I’m going to document it here so that when I’m found wandering the physical world in some kind of psychotic state you can point to this as the beginning of my mental decline.

I was mowing the lawn, a task which requires a minimal amount of actual “thinking” apart from trying not to injure myself with whirling blades and the occasional flying debris. My mind wandered and a stray memory floated across what was, essentially, a blank canvas.

The Lost City (moderate)

There was something odd about this “memory” and I poked at it. The problem with what I was “remembering” is that it was just not possible in real life. It also wasn’t something from the metaverse.

The first “memory” led to another and that brought up even more – images and thoughts/feelings associated with them. The longer I pursued them the more I became convinced they were from dreams – it seemed the only possible explanation.

The Lost City (moderate)

The memories started tumbling through at an increasing speed and they were incredibly (to me) complex and detailed and logical (if bizarre). As I pursued new ones, though, the older ones vanished. I couldn’t pull enough together at once to get context.

The sense I did get is that what I was recalling took a lot of time to construct. The bits and pieces I did manage to “see” were part of a very large “whole”.

The Lost City (moderate)

What I should have done is find a pen & paper and write the “memories” down. I didn’t and they’re gone. I probably spent 30 minutes poking and following tantalizing glimpses into a world I must only know when I’m asleep.

I don’t know why this happened – the synapses must have a loose connection somewhere. I will say that I’d like to explore that “world” in a more conscious state. If it happens again I’ll try and document those “memories”, in the meantime I think I’ll need more naps and should probably stay away from heavy machinery.

The Lost City (moderate)

* – Not Possible in Real Life

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  1. Sounds like a perfect project to create for a virtual world :)

  2. Reblogged this on Caledon: possessed of character and commented:
    Another A.P.E. location from Honour.

  3. Willothewisp

     /  August 11, 2012

    You know:) We dream all the time but below normal consciousness. And then there is the Collective Unconscious…..and Inspiration…..and Shamanic journies…and Past Life Recall.
    What do we lose living in a culture that is obsessed with defining the human psyche within such prescribed and limited parameters? The Metaverse gives us permission to have a more flexible take on Reality and we may drift and dream with greater ease because of it.
    Go Girl!!

  1. When it’s NPIRL* or Second Life | Second Virtual Life | Scoop.it

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