On Mainland & Scavenging Windlight in Second Life

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My explorations were inspired this morning by this photo↑ from Prandi Capalini↑ (who does exceptional work). I was hoping for a location to mess with settings and this bit of mainland (yes, it’s mainland) was ideal.

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One of the many things I lost when I had to replace my hard drive was my folder of windlight settings. I finally set out the other day to rebuild that inventory and discovered that the links to some of my favourites no longer work. I was not a happy camper.

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I came up with a solution which works exceedingly well but may leave me open to condemnation. I haven’t decided if I should feel guilty about this or not but I’m going to put it out there for those who might wind up with the same problem. I, um, sourced them from a third party viewer.

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When I realized this other viewer has all the settings I was missing (plus some great new ones), I downloaded it and copied the windlight files to my desktop. Then I uninstalled that viewer and put the settings in the one I use.

In spite of feeling like a criminal I had fun playing with them. You should go visit Purple↑ – if the viewer police come looking for me, just spell my name wrong. They’ll never find me. :)

Purple (moderate)
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  2. I thought everyone pirated windlight settings?

  3. I save things I really don’t want to lose in the cloud. In my case I use DropBox. It’s worth considering… :)

  4. I owe almost all my Windlight settings to TPVs. After all, they scrounged them, too. Now if I can figure out how to make my own Day settings I’ll be okay.

    FYI: Did you check in at border control when you entered Mainland? I don’t see any record of your visit. I’ll need to see your passport, young lady.

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