Rebuilding in Second Life

China (moderate)

There have been changes in China↑. First let me say that Bamboo Ink is still there, although it has undergone some modifications as well, you can still walk through a brush painting (and that’s a really cool experience you shouldn’t miss). However, the rest of the sim looks very different.

China (moderate)

My link will take you to a starting point underwater where teleporters will offer you a variety of choices.

At the first level I tried was a calm bamboo oasis which gives you the same sense of peace you find in the brush painting. Sit and contemplate the waterfall or the gorgeous bamboo and relax.

China (moderate)

What I found startling, although still fabulous, was the “market” which is a futuristic city scape. I wish I could show you all the great details included in this build – it really deserves some time and attention.

China (moderate)

One thing I can assure you is that I did not mess with windlight. I couldn’t. My hard drive finally collapsed yesterday and I’m starting from scratch in a lot of areas and keep realizing how much I had added to the last one. I have to keep going and finding things to download to get all my tools back – I still have to go get all my old windlight settings and put them back in.

Go see the changes in China↑. I’ll try and find all the stuff that should be on this computer. :p

China (moderate)
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  1. Reblogged this on Caledon: possessed of character and commented:
    When I think about starting a group in SL Steamgrid, I think about an Aethernaut Polychrono Expeditionary. The A.P.E. mission is to explore strange worlds and work our Imagers on them to share the results with our community. Of course, we’d have to make Torley and Honour McMillan charter members.


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