Rushing Through Plaaka in Second Life

Plaaka (moderate)

I really need to  work on the graphics on this computer. I started today with this photo↑ by Ghost of Love and wound up 200o or so meters in the air inside a domed island.

Apart from the tiny black lines contributed by the tiling bug (which I was too rushed this morning to remove) you’ll notice that there are no smooth spheres – it’s all angles. I’m sure that’s my fault I just need some time to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Plaaka (moderate)

I’m pretty sure that Plaaka↑ is still under construction but it’s one of those lovely sims with great textures and deserves a look even in an unfinished form. There are store fronts under this dome and the name “Five Minutes After” is intriguing. :)

Plaaka (moderate)

I was going to sneak down to ground level but couldn’t teleport so I cammed a bit and found another dome below this one. It appears in an earlier stage of development but the images should serve a warning to those subject to vertigo, you might want to wear a parachute to feel safe.

Plaaka (moderate)

I’m looking forward to seeing the build progress on this sim, the early work is very promising. In the meantime I’ll work on my graphics.

Plaaka (moderate)
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  1. Development has indeed continued. It looks like a shop I’ll have to return to sometime as the items show exceptional build and texturing skill. Thanks for sharing this. How did you find it?

    As for blocky spheres, I’ve always had that problem.

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