Cleansing the Mind in Second Life

Gra’ Siorai’ (moderate)

I’m very grateful this morning that the sense of smell doesn’t function inside Second Life. I appreciate most of the creatures in the physical world but sometimes …….

Last night a skunk got pissed off at something outside my bedroom window (which was wide open) and I had to evacuate to the other side of the house for a number of hours. Maybe I said something insulting in my sleep. :)

Gra’ Siorai’ (moderate)

To try and erase that particular experience from my thoughts I went to visit the Apassionatta sim↑, home to Gra’ Siorai’ – Beautiful Irish Woodlands. I saw a few creatures but none of them attacked me with odiferous weapons. :)

Gra’ Siorai’ (moderate)

I admit to indulging myself a bit with windlight – but you should still be able to recognize some great textures and landscaping. I had fun imagining the impact of different weather patterns on the countryside.

Gra’ Siorai’ (moderate)

This was only a temporary respite of course – I now need to go clean and launder everything in that room. It might be just my imagination but I could swear the little bugger aimed through that window – it’s one way to force spring cleaning in the middle of summer.

Gra’ Siorai’ (moderate)
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