Sleepless Nights in Second Life

Sleepless Nights (moderate)

It’s home to the main stores of Fiction & Chaos↑ and House of Usher↑. It is also a gorgeous sim↑ called Sleepless Nights.

I was led there by this photo↑by SpankiM (who always has some fabulous destinations you should check out).

Sleepless Nights (moderate)

The region default windlight is so good I didn’t bother playing around but I will warn you that the “tiling bug” really hates water. I spent far more time fixing these images to remove unwanted lines and distortions than I spent actually onsite taking photographs.

Sleepless Nights (moderate)

I’m not sure how those bands of colour appear in the sky – it’s not exactly the way the image appears to me on the screen when I take the photograph. I’m not complaining (exactly), just a little puzzled.

I’m also quite sure that if I tried to achieve that effect I would fail miserably. :)

Sleepless Nights (moderate)

This is admittedly a quick post but I thought we both deserved a break from my rambling. Do go visit Sleepless Nights↑. It’s a gorgeous location in our world.

Sleepless Nights (moderate)
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