Song Bird Art & (maybe) Monetizing Your Photos from Second Life

Song Bird (moderate)

I went to visit JadeYu Fhang’s↑ art sim Song Bird↑ this morning – and yes, the default windlight setting is Verdigris so that’s what I’ve used. It’s a beautiful place full of images that make my camera finger twitch. There is also a gallery full of JadeYu’s works but first you’ll have to tear yourself away from the sights around you when you land. I love it when that happens. :)

We all know that making money as an artist in any life is extremely difficult – in Second Life just supporting a full sim is a strain. A new potential source of revenue has popped up in my inbox – it’s directed at photographers but I think 2d artists of all kinds could find a way to take advantage.

Song Bird (moderate)

I’m still exploring the site but there are some interesting aspects to it that I think are appealing. Bigoom↑ not only has you upload your photos to their site for sale as prints (which they produce) but you can put the buy buttons on your Koinup↑ pages as well. (They also partner with

I do know that if you use Koinup you can automatically add your image to Bigoom without a separate upload (cool!).

Song Bird (moderate)

There appear to be two levels of registration on the site – the free one means they will set the prices. I don’t know the cost of the “plus” account – sorry, you’ll have to wander through their tour and find that.

It occurs to me though that it’s also a way to get, what they’re saying are high quality, prints of your work for yourself. It’s at the very least a way to maybe monetize your efforts – the amount you make will depend on your own sharing through social media etc. If you use Koinup↑ it would be a streamlined process but I’d encourage you to add your images to lots of groups to gain exposure for them and write a compelling profile for those who want to brag about that new print on their wall.

Song Bird (moderate)

It’s still in beta (at least as far as Koinup is concerned) so there are lots of questions (like what’s the best size/format) but join that group↑ if you’re interested and find out what’s needed.

I haven’t included any music lately so I’ll do that today. A little bit of J.J. Cale and Clapton ………..


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