Distracted by Hypatia in Second Life

Hypatia (moderate)

I wasn’t going to post today, there’s a sporting event on I intended to watch instead. However I took some time to drop into Hypatia↑ and couldn’t resist trying to capture it in photographs.

I should probably just leave it at the one image but there’s so much to see I’ll include a few more just to encourage you to go explore yourselves.

Hypatia (moderate)

In spite of a name that brings to mind either some arrogant aristocratic Roman matriarch or a submissive kajira-like twinkie, this is an asian inspired cityscape. The textures are fabulous and the build itself is exceptional.

Hypatia (moderate)

As I was camming around I saw something slightly different in theme off in the distance. There are two sims and the second is steampunk.

It’s another highly detailed and beautiful design that flows from the first – again with textures that made me want to spend the day trying to do them justice. I didn’t – but you will. :)

Hypatia Steampunk (moderate)

This is a fabulous example of the type of creation that passion and talent and lots of effort can produce. I’m hanging on to these landmarks and will visit again.

I highly recommend you put Hypatia↑ on your itineraries.

Hypatia Steampunk (moderate)
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  1. Yep, there’s nothing that enhances a build like good textures… it looks amazing, thanks.

  2. Serene Fairey

     /  July 22, 2012

    from Wikipedia, Hypatia was a “philosopher in Roman Egypt who was the first historically noted woman in mathematics. As head of the Platonist school at Alexandria, she also taught philosophy and astronomy … (she) was murdered by a Christian mob after being accused of witchcraft and godlessness and of causing religious turmoil.” ( Maybe that’s just what you got in ancient times for being an uppity woman, I am glad I live now instead of then?) :P

    • She sounds like my type of person *grin*

      • There was a fine movie made about her life – Agora – and she was portrayed beautifully. The realism was wonderful until the end began to draw near. I knew what had been done to her, so I became very ill at ease. It takes a lot to change my perspective on history, but this film added a lot of color to the era. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agora_(film)

      • oooh thank you! I’ll look for it but I admit I’ll stop watching near the end – I can handle the bad stuff as long as I don’t hear/see it. I’m a coward.

  1. Sunset over Hypatia « cyberloom

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