Wherein Art Intersects with the Intrepid Explorer’s Greed in Second Life

It’s no secret I have a LOT of weaknesses. I freely admit I can’t keep track of everything going on – luckily there are many other bloggers who keep their eyes on things and I make use of the opportunity to learn from them as often as I can.

I happened upon this post↑ earlier today and almost fell off my chair. I’ve admitted before to being a skin and avatar whore. I can’t help it – the ability to cloak myself in colour and texture and shape is irresistible. So imagine how I felt discovering a source of free skins and avatars from super talented artists I already admire! Then imagine my chagrin at realizing this gold mine has been available since last September!

The project itself, Meta Body↑ by Meilo Minotaur↑ and Capcat Ragu↑, was exhibited as part of a physical world installation at VBKO↑ in Vienna last fall by the Portuguese artists’ collective known as All My Independent Women↑. Meilo and Capcat encouraged photos and machinima by inworld residents who used the avatars provided, explored their possibilities, modified and expanded them, and created their own stories with the “metaphorical body” that is the avatar. The results were seen by the visitors in “real life”.

I wish I’d been there.

I would have enjoyed experimenting and finding the courage to participate. However, I would have required considerable time to first overcome the overwhelming onslaught of grasping, slavering, greed.

I don’t care how old I get, or how mature I sometimes think I may be, baser instincts apparently can still hold me captive. I scooped up these gorgeous creations like a vacuum. (it wasn’t pretty)

I went down to the surface of the sim (which has always been one of my favourite locations) and took a few photos just to illustrate examples of the avatars available (all mod/copy/transfer). There is something I find very “wrong” in each of them but I was rushed for time so please just consider these images inadequate representations which will (with any luck) give you some idea of both the talent of these two artists and also the size of the gift they’re providing us.

This experience taught me that, although my mind knows it’s all about the art and the ideas behind it, I’m subject to my weaknesses. I’m not proud of that fact but I am grinning about the new additions to my inventory.

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  1. CapCat

     /  November 11, 2012

    Thank you so much!
    You can participate in Meta_Body II http://delicatessensl.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/meta_body-ii-its-your-turn-to-build-it/

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