Sometimes Straight Lines are Appreciated, even in Second Life

Rod Mandel (general)

I’m gradually making my way to Maya Paris’↑ new exhibit at LEA↑ and there are other openings and installations I want to share as well but I’m moving slowly these days. I happened on Rod Mandel’s↑ work this morning and realized at least part of what’s wrong with me. :)

I found his design soothing and calming. Life is about chaos and, while that can provide excitement and humour, there are times I long for straight lines and order. People are messy and rarely follow logic or patterns that make sense. (Note: I had the wrong slurl in the photo captions – that has been corrected.)

Rod Mandel (general)

I keep seeing drama these days (and the potential for more) and I’m not in the mood I guess or I’d be ranting about some of it (not just SL related). None of it needs me though. As Craig Ferguson wisely suggests↑, ask yourself three questions first: Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said by me? Does this need to be said by me now?

Three things I will say: First go see Rod’s installation↑,  it deserves your time. Second, the Lab is asking for feedback on SL9B ↑ (and, no, I have no opinion on this) so if you’re inclined I suggest you participate. Third, Crap Mariner↑ is doing a cool RFL fundraiser – get involved! A number of people are now matching him so you can have some fun and pick their pockets at the same time.

I’ll go look for my normal good humour. :)

Rod Mandel (general)


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  1. Thanks Honour for sharing the digital gems you find along your travels in the metaverse. It’s good to know there are still pockets of resistance one can still explore and see on the grid that aren’t part of the pixel by numbers travel guide.

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