Santa Fe sees Second Life

I learned early in my consulting career to never begin a presentation with an apology – but I’m going to do that here. The subject and the participants deserve far more attention than I’ve been able to give and so I regret that this blog post is incredibly superficial and in no way reflects the depth and (I think) importance of what’s happening.

The Santa Fe International New Media Festival↑ began on June 22 and continues through July 8. What is remarkable about the festival is not only the breadth of the exhibits and the number of artists and venues but also that 5 of our own world’s talents are participating and using Second Life to do so. We can visit what Santa Fe can only experience remotely.

The fact that I’m excited about this shouldn’t come as a surprise. I am a huge fan of immersive art in the virtual space that is the grid and the ability to showcase the possibilities and the potential of the metaverse in this type of venue is a wonderful opportunity.

You can see the names of our artists on the list of participants↑ under the category Web Art, Art Gaming and Second Life Sims. First on the list is Artistide Despres↑ and her LEA22↑ installation called Artee’s “Huxley, Orwell & Ivory Towers”. You can find a number of blog posts out there describing this installation but I think Artee’s video↑ is a good place to start.

Nearby you will find the second of our contributions (yes I’m claiming some measure of ownership on our behalf) by Tyrehl Byk↑ and Ultraviolet Alter↑.  The installation on LEA13 is another fabulous example of their work and another video↑ gives you a great introduction to what happens when Tyrehl’s build and particles combine with Ultraviolet’s music.

Haveit Neox↑ has submitted his “Stirring the Dreams”↑ to the Festival. I can’t find a video showing this exhibit yet (/me grumbles) but this one↑ shows his 2nd Libations which was my first introduction to this artist and one of my favourite memories from last year.

The fifth of our remarkable talents showing their work in Santa Fe is the always superb Bryn Oh↑. You really need to read her description↑ of the genesis and story behind Virginia Alone↑ and, since I’m on a roll, she includes a video as well.

Each of these artists is special to me and I’m thrilled for them and for us that their works are being seen at this Festival. What a great introduction to Second Life it is for people who have never been.

Go visit these installations. They are each fabulous and they’re representing us to the outer world – I think you’ll share my sense of pride. :)

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