Kou! for Second Life

Kou! (moderate)

The good news is that, after what seems like months of nagging, Eupalinos Ugajin↑ has finally opened his exhibit at LEA↑.  The (perhaps) bad news is that there is no way I can try and explain it. I can nibble around the edges and tell you what I think of it but any explanations will have to be your own.

What I will say is that it was well worth the wait (apparently I’m in a “w” mood). I always enjoy his work and I spent some time this morning attempting to articulate to myself “why”. My conclusion is that it’s the combination of the surreal with a sense of humour and surprise all done in the style (I think) of a 3d line drawing tinted with water colour. All of the individual characteristics appeal to me and together they make me happy. :)

Kou! (moderate)

The other piece of good news is that all of the lines in the photos are actually part of the build – I’m still avoiding “high rez” until that bug↑ is fixed. Remaining upbeat, Eupa has published the link to the inspiration behind the title.

If you are a fan of cultish science fiction you really need to watch this film↑. I did a couple of months ago and find myself using the word frequently, at least to myself. I would be happier if more people added it to their vocabulary because sometimes “Kou” is the perfect thing to say and it would help if others knew what I meant.

Kou! (moderate)

The surreal seems appropriate these days. Much of North America is baking in extremely high temperatures with huge storms and power outages adding to the misery. I live on the same continent and I’m wearing a fleece pullover and huddling under an electric blanket as I write this. We’re having autumn but nobody is willing to turn on the furnace in July – it’s just too strange.

If this installation is “strange” it’s the good kind – one that deserves your time and your ability to explore and make note of all of the details. Click on things – Eupa always has an odd twist to add to even the most bizarre of creations.

Kou! (moderate)

As a wonderful bonus Simotron Aquila’s↑ fabulous build shares the sim space and Eupa has incorporated it into his entrance and teleport system. Her work fits with his so there’s no startling disconnect and it’s another joyous exploration of the absurd.

You’ll realize from the moment you land and find yourself bungie jumping with a bird on a large bale that this is something special. Kou! is delightful but you’ll have to reach your own conclusions about its meaning. :)

Simotron @ Kou! (moderate)
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  1. Thank you, your words make me want to visit it :-)

  2. thank youuu very much Honour!!! :)))


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