When Artists Design a Second Life Orientation

I’m experimenting with ways to try and take higher rez photos and still avoid the tiling bug↑ and decided to start catching up on all the art installations I’ve been neglecting recently. I know there are some I’ve missed and I apologize to both the artists and the hosts. I’ll try and figure out a way to do a community event and still cover exhibits in the future.

For my first excursion (and experiment) I did a random teleport to a LEA↑ sim and found myself at Inspiring Orientation↑.

This installation shows us what happens when a group of artists↑ tackles the issue of onboarding new residents. Of course I immediately thought back to my own experience – I never did successfully bounce that basketball.

This approach is much more interesting, fun and beautiful to look at. In fact this would have held my attention in a way the process I experienced did not and I would have actually learned something. :)

The talking parrot I met back then was a nice enough fellow but these chat-teaching animals are cool. This orientation took me through the usual moving around, flying, sitting, talking, and clicking. I was really pleased, though, to see a section on “camming”.

There is a minimal emphasis on text and a nice use of immersion/interaction with the possibility of incorporating media elements. It also gives you an idea of the wonders to be found inworld before you arrive at the point of departure out to the wider grid. It might be just that I didn’t look hard enough at the latter section but I couldn’t see anything about music – you’ll probably find that bit. :)

The works of 20 current and former SL artists are incorporated into this installation and Metaharpers↑ intends to continue adding to and refining this project. They are offering to make it available to both Linden Lab and viewer developers as a tool for introducing new residents to our world.

This struck me as another example of what happens when a community comes together to create something wonderful. The issue of orientation is one we’ve all muttered about for years and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this proffered solution. We should all take a brand new arrival here and test it out. I think it’ll be a success. :)

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