Rules, Carrots and Vomiting Text at SL9B in Second Life

Lotus Stage (general)

I’ve caught up on a little bit of sleep.:)  I love these events but by about Friday or Saturday we start running out of reserves and some grumpiness results – the good news is that we’re  pretty good about keeping it to ourselves and not sharing it with the larger team of volunteers, exhibitors and performers.  Remind me to do something about developing more stamina before the next one!

The Community built a celebration that I think everyone on the grid can look at with pride and you have two more days to try and see what you’ve missed.  I’ll include photos of the stages in this post even though you’ve seen far better ones for weeks. Do go see the great diversity of fabulous exhibits before they explode↑.

Lake Stage (general)

Some things are sent to try us even in the middle of something as wonderful as SL9B. Nothing horrible or show-stopping but enough to remind us that we’re human and even the technology isn’t perfect.

Opening day we had a fabulous keynote address by the inimitable Saffia Widdershins↑. If you weren’t there or haven’t seen it you really should read what she said↑.

My job was very simple. I had the text of her speech in my notecard HUD  and, to make sure that those who use translators or have difficulties with voice would know what she was saying, I was to enter her words into local chat as they were spoken. I rehearsed this many times.

The big moment arrived. We opened the doors and about 1,000 avatars arrived on the sims. Lag of course ensued. Saffia began speaking and I clicked for the first bit of text to appear and ……… the entire speech started rolling out. This isn’t supposed to happen. I clicked buttons and muttered imprecations to the pixel gods but nothing could stop it. Words just kept vomiting into local chat at a rate that was vertigo-inducing. She must have thought I’d lost my mind.

Egypt Stage (general)

Leading volunteers is fun and very rewarding. Some with less experience soon learn that they are not indentured bond servants but for some reason there are those who think that if you’re not abrupt/rude/abrasive you must be weak and spineless.

Somebody told me that I could be the “carrot” and they would be the “stick”. I had to laugh because, even if that metaphor was valid, I haven’t needed anybody to carry a stick for me since I was a toddler and that was a long time ago. I think the kindest nickname I had in the business world was “bulldozer”. *grin*

Remembering that we start to run out of reserves, and that a less than amiable (although still polite) approach is often necessary, you can imagine what it was like dealing with those individuals to whom rules apparently don’t apply. The fact that this was a “general maturity” event was all over the application and the blog and everywhere we could put it. However, some people just didn’t see that as something they needed to worry about. They learned differently and I really hope next time that lesson isn’t necessary.

Sunken Stage (general)

I’m sorry the event is over (although do go visit before it closes) as it really is my favourite thing to do inworld. On the downside I have friends I haven’t spoken to in weeks and I really need to catch up with them. My back lawn grew 14 inches when I wasn’t looking (yes I measured it) and I’ve run out of room to stack the “to be laundered” pile.

Please don’t get me wrong …. my experiences at SL9B were positive and will sustain me until the next opportunity to be involved in a Community endeavour. If you’ve never been part of something like this I highly recommend it. You will meet amazing people, make great friendships and learn more about both yourself and the greater grid.

I’ll get back to all those chores I’ve neglected but first I might take another nap.  Thank you to all of those who made this event something I loved and contributed to the memories I’ll cherish.

Cake Stage (general)
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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  June 26, 2012

    I boiled over once or twice on my own site, but I think y’all did a good job of STFUing me when I needed it. Usually, I’m a loose cannon with unlimited ammo. Heh.


    • /me grins You were an angel in all senses of the word. :P I actually enjoyed the few occasions I got to be “bad guy” though.

  2. Thank goodness for the Staff chat for venting, but this experience reminded me of how mellow I’ve become in the last six years. As security at other venues I was very good at “Eject and Mute.” I’m much better now. As far a you know :D

    • isfullofcrap

       /  June 26, 2012

      Yeah, that staff chat and the occasional random all-caps IMs were a help. Although I did have some fun in the Exhibitor Chat mocking some of the dump requests… “Hey, can we have 101 bots on our build to demonstrate how to rez a prim” and “I need my stream set to a loop of John Cage’s 4:33”

      For the next two days, I’ll probably call for flash-mobs and toss out joke announcements SecondLie-style.

      “NOTICE: The Rockem Sockem robots have broken free of their moorings and are wandering the SL9B regions. They are not looking for hugs.”


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