On the side of the Angels at SL9B in Second Life

Jamboree (general)

Another quick post and rushed photos but I wanted to say Hi! from SL9B. This roller coaster gives me vertigo but it’s a good illustration of my thoughts today and not just because of the usual metaphor we associate with this carnival ride.

There’s a sign at the base of this exhibit that talks about the power of team work and what it can accomplish.  In many cases people point to the idea of a team like a group of horses pulling a heavy load one could not handle alone and that’s certainly an aspect of the phenomena.  Another is more like the creation of a community quilt.  Each person adds something special and unique to the overall finished product.

There are hundreds and hundreds of volunteers working on this event and an equal number of examples of amazing contributions to what is on display for everybody to enjoy. I want to highlight just two of them.

I’ve worked for over a year now with a tiny tiger named Bo↑. I consider him a good friend who also happens to be clever and talented and earlier this year we were discussing the issue of maps for events like this. The need for people to be able to make their way around and find key locations etc. He had an idea and he began working on it months ago. I don’t know how many hours it took but the result is the Community HUD.

Jamboree (general)

This HUD is simple to use and provides direct tp buttons to all the stages and menus (where appropriate) to the exhibit sims.  It’s smart, it’s incredibly useful and it works like a hot damn.  You can find them in the welcome area↑ or get one from any of the greeters.

Not only did he design it and build it but he put up with repeated changes and my requests for tweaks (gawd users are a pain). When it was decided 4 days before we opened that a 5th stage would be added he didn’t shoot me when I said we needed a new button. His skill and contribution are equaled only by his patience. We are all grateful to him.

The next example might surprise those who only “know of” Crap Mariner↑ and don’t “know him”. He rolled up his sleeves and plunged into the thick of organizing this amazing celebration. His videos as The Prim Reaper↑ are only one of his contributions, there are many more. One thing he did made my life a whole lot easier.

I wanted to put up the stage schedules so people could see what was going on and where. Last year it was just screen shots of the different spreadsheets, not very special and they were out of date almost immediately. This year I was hoping to somehow use media on a prim and import them but I looked at some instructions and my brain revolted.  I asked for help.

A little while (and a great deal of colourful language) later and Crap presented us with an integrated, calendar-based multi-stage schedule that is visible at the many venues and available online↑. It’s slick, it works and people use it without realizing how it came to be. But I know and I know he did it because he could and because it was needed and because that’s what people on teams do. They make things happen. Like SL9B. Go see and enjoy and take advantage of what these people have done. Celebrate the grid and the great people on it!

Jamboree (general)
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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  June 23, 2012

    Can I have a nap now?


  2. @Crap .. go nap. I’ll start on a Teleport Board fro next year.

  3. Natsuki Morigi

     /  June 24, 2012

    I want to say a huge thank you to you , Honour, and to Crap and everyone for putting so much effort and love into SL9B – it has been fantastic and an inspiration.

  4. Bo Tiger

     /  June 28, 2012

    Bo Tiger here..hola!! we made a great team…and Ive already new ideas for next year. Everyone has been brilliant and each year gets better..glad to be part of the team:)

  5. Bo Tiger

     /  June 28, 2012

    lol that was quick…been fun to work with you all and you’ve all become good friends too…wonders how full jef’s diary is….says hi to puter hola! and uccie my pal..sends two big balloons…and of course crap…very funny videos made me laugh many times:) and brilliant build….uccie’s too…thanks to every one! Most of all thanks to honour who inspired me in the first place…slingshots some waffles! lol :)


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