It’s a little dusty at SL9B in Second Life

Well, there WILL be a Time Capsule here!

I made the mistake of looking at the calendar this morning ……. gack! The doors will open in a week for the press↑ and things are still a little, um, unfinished in places. I’d stress about it but when you look around and realize how much has been done in less than 3 weeks (from the time the sims landed) it’s easy to see we’ll be ready. Exhausted lumps of pixels, but ready. :)

This area, still under construction, will house the new Time Capsule – a wonderful tradition at SL*B’s. I don’t think we’re particularly good at archiving our history as it is lived (although there are individuals trying↑). If you have the time/desire/interest go read Uccie’s Post↑ on the SL9B Time Capsule Design Competition and create this year’s memory vault and legacy for future residents.

I’m going to go wash off the dust and debris from wandering this construction site but I wanted to include a small story to help you understand why I’m enjoying this experience so much. I considered the way builders are offering help and advice to each other (because it’s Community in action). Then I thought I’d tell you about the Grim Reaper Fan T-shirt↑ that magically appeared yesterday (I love this place!).

I finally decided that I’d tell you about a resident I met yesterday. She created her account 5 years ago but has been inworld so infrequently that she has all the skills of a 2 day old – she’s shy and finds it a little frightening to go out and mingle with people who know each other and feel comfortable with all the things she has yet to learn.  However, she saw something about SL9B↑ and decided to gather her courage and join the general group (The SLB Community). 

In the group chat she saw my announcement for the next Greeters’ Orientation Session and asked for a cab. She’s now one of us. I had the pleasure of explaining to her that she’s no longer alone, she’s part of a team of amazing, friendly, and welcoming people who will provide support and friendship and a sense of safety. She’s still a little nervous about “getting out there” but I’m confident that she’ll be fine.

This is what Community is about. We come together and form bonds that sustain us. We also get t-shirts. *grin*

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  1. Another reason the Greeters ROCK!

  2. isfullofcrap

     /  June 11, 2012

    I need to send that coffin from the video to Will. ;)



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