A Quick Wave & Update From SL9B in Second Life

Another sunrise on SL9B

A brief post just to prove I haven’t forgotten how.  June 18th↑ will arrive whether we’re ready or not, but if we’re not ready it won’t be for a lack of trying. Hundreds of people are working their “you know whats” off to get everything in place and spirits are high (although occasionally muted by fatigue). I am never happier in Second Life than I am at times like this and I wish everybody could experience this kind of joy.

I surfaced briefly this morning and looked around the various social media I haven’t monitored lately. Apparently the grid is still going to die and we’re all doomed. pffft You’d think that if they’ve been writing about its imminent demise for such an extended period of time, and they believed it, they’d go find another job. There are no longterm career prospects blogging about something which has disappeared, right?

I’ll head back inworld to a team full of talent and enthusiasm and strangeness but first I’ll remind you of two things:

The Celebration HUB↑ is being tested now and I hope you’ll get your SL9B event to us so it’s included. There’s some technical “coolness” involved and it has non-scripters like me popping on and off just to be impressed over and over again. However, it does have a serious purpose and linking to your event is the real objective. :)

There will be a Press and Blogger Preview Day↑ on June 17th (I’ve changed the date a couple of times, keep checking that form to be sure). Come and visit and I’ll show you what’s in the desert. :)

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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  June 8, 2012



  2. /me waves back just as quickly then sends you off to get proteins, liquids, and sleeps.

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