The SL9B Celebration HUB – Party Party Party in Second Life

Sunrise over SL9B

SL9B will be celebrated all over the grid. I’m a small insignificant part of a large team working on a centralized event but there will be parties and concerts and open houses and much more in communities throughout our world.

One of the projects we’re working on is called a Celebration HUB – something that links as many of the individual events together as possible. Nestled in the trees that surround the main Welcome Area you’ll find a way for visitors to learn about and teleport to the various happenings around the greater Community (and I really need new synonyms for the word “event”).

We are hoping to include your SL9B celebration! It took til now to request your information because we had to know the format and content we were seeking but, be assured this HUB was decided on during the very first meeting we had when we found out that sims were available for the one we’re working on.

Please help us connect visitors to your community and its festival/festivity/fete/frolic/gaiety/gala. Send a notecard inworld with the following information to Dmom2k Darwin↑.

  • The texture of a “poster” (no larger than 256 x 256). This could be a photo or a line drawing but it should be something that makes people want to know more! It must have the name of your event and the date(s) and time(s) on it as well.
  • Information about your event; a description, something about your community, the date(s) and time(s), the maturity rating. Anything you’d like to give the curious on a notecard to help people realize they should visit.
  • The landmark.
  • Additional photographs of your event or community – let them see how cool it is!
  • Important Note: Our event is rated general but we’ll include your event no matter what its designated category. However, we cannot display or distribute photographs or content which are “mature” or “adult”. Please keep your poster, additional images and text within the limits imposed by a “General” maturity rating↑. :)

Make sure everything you send is accurate – I’d like to say we’d be able to test landmarks or confirm dates but it just won’t be possible.

Send us your information by June 14th and we’ll make sure our visitors have the opportunity to include your celebration in their travels.

I’ll leave you with my favourite (so far) SL9B video by that Master of Subtlety, The Angel of Death.

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