Say Goodbye to Susa & Hello to Angry Beth in Second Life

Cariacou (moderate)

I promised myself a while back that I would return frequently to Cariacou↑ to see the changes that Rose Borchovski↑ has made. I still don’t make it often enough to keep up with everything she’s doing but I enjoy the surprises I do find.

A large sign there today tells me that we have to say goodbye to Susa Bubble↑ and get ready to experience the life and times of Angry Beth.

Cariacou (moderate)

The women and girls in Rose’s art always seem to be dealing with a large amount of angst – the good news is that she includes humour as well and that the work she does is beautiful.

The installation is still under construction but we do know something of what is to come:

A story about Angry Beth and Lot
Lot turned eight, the sun did shine and all were happy.
But then the war came and all did change.
A harsh hand ruled their world.
They were forced to leave.
They were separated from each other.

Cariacou (moderate)

I know there have been some weird things going on inworld lately – strange lag in places where there shouldn’t be any, objects disappearing when you rez them and just plain weirdness.  This morning “water” refused to do what I instructed – it’s like a very grumpy gremlin is floating around in that code and messing with us.

Trust me, the ocean was supposed to look entirely different in this next photo. My vocabulary got very creative! :)

Cariacou (moderate)

I’m enjoying my time these days – in spite of gremlins. If I don’t post everyday it’s just that my to do list is an unforgiving task mistress but there is great joy in this endeavour.

If you haven’t checked out the SL9B↑ website, do get over there.  We would love it if you joined the team of volunteers – it’s going to be a LOT of fun and it won’t be the same without you. I’ll get back to work now, even Rose’s art sent me that clear message (or maybe it was just my guilty conscience).

Cariacou (moderate)
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  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date… I love Rose’s work.

  2. Tifa

     /  July 21, 2012

    I am cofused though is this story true? If it is i am heart broken that some people don’t care about what happened to Beth and Lot.

  1. Say Goodbye to Susa & Hello to Angry Beth in Second Life | Second LIfe Good Stuff |

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