Working to the Rhythm of SL9B in Second Life

Uwst (moderate)

I spent some time wandering the sim belonging to  Uncleweb Studio↑ this morning – I love “stores” that provide a full environment for us to enjoy. When they’re really well done, as this one is, I feel like I’m learning much more about the creator than I do from posters on a wall in a mall. Admittedly I’m biased because I’m not a shopping fanatic so I’m looking at the builds anyway.

Uwst (moderate)

My time these days is, of course, devoted primarily to preparations for the centralized celebration of  SL9B↑. There is a rhythm to the staging of any event. The size of the endeavour alters the number of individuals involved and the time required but the steps required remain the same.

At this point in the process the land and DPW teams are working flat out to get the 20 (!) sims prepared and the infrastructure in place. This is the period of time when the rest of us try to stay out of their way and get ourselves ready for what comes next.

Uwst (moderate)

The PR team (including an odd looking troll↑) is getting the word out and somehow managed to recruit some unlikely assistance↑. I wouldn’t argue with him!

The rest of us are slightly more relaxed but not idle. Exhibitors↑, volunteers↑ and performers↑ are signing up – and if you haven’t yet we hope you will soon.

The exhibitors are designing and working on their builds and anxious for the day they will be able to claim their plots and get set up. Their focus is on those few days before the event opens when they put everything in place and get ready to welcome the rest of the community to see the results of their hard work.

Uwst (moderate)

The performance and volunteer teams are building schedules for stage managers, performers, moderators and greeters. Training is planned and, in some areas, has begun. These teams are doing a lot of wildly diverse tasks (e.g., those visitor gifts have to be gathered and wrapped) preparing for the doors to open on June 18th when the party starts and their roles in this endeavour really begin.

An event of this size has historically been pulled together over a period of months. The fact that on this occasion it is all being done in 5 weeks means that there are a lot of people doing without sleep but, believe me, the excitement level is high and the mood is very positive.

Uwst (moderate)

This is a Community event. I am thrilled to see volunteers from previous years return and new names appear on the list of signups. We need you↑ as well – I can state from personal experience that it is one of the most amazing and enjoyable things any of us will do this year. For me this is the best thing about my Second Life.

One last note. I can assure those who lifted my license to drive any type of vehicle inworld that I had nothing to do with the fate of this boat. I was nowhere near the area when it wound up on the rocks.

Uwst (moderate)
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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  May 24, 2012

    Hey, don’t forget the trolls… we’re busy making stupid silly movies too! ;)

    (I plan on wandering the SLB sims today for interesting backdrops to ramble in front of.)


  2. Joins Crap in wandering the sims looking for “interesting backdrops”…

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  2. Working to the Rhythm of SL9B in Second Life « Honour's Post ... | Second Virtual Life |

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