Further Along the Path in Second Life

I’m distracted and in thrall to an unrelenting to do list but I had really wanted to visit Further Along the Path↑. This installation is a further exploration of the “exquisite corpse↑” first brought to us last October↑ by Bryn Oh↑.

I was a wee bit hesitant but it turns out that I not only enjoyed/admired/applaud this group of works but they also provided me with a measure of catharsis that was very needed.

Bryn has brought together another extremely talented group of artists and it’s fascinating to see how their interpretations differ as they explore the over-arching narrative.

The 8 installations have been created by:

1-Glyph Graves↑

2-paramparamm Papp↑

3-Alpha Auer↑

4-Bryn Oh↑

5-Oberon Onmura↑

6-Eupalinos Ugajin↑

7-Ux Hax↑ &  romy Nayar↑

8-Ub Yifu↑

I couldn’t possibly show you all of the works included or adequately convey their scope. I will tell you that nothing is as straight forward as it might appear, there are hidden staircases, creep crawlies, underground caverns and more.

Each of the 8 portions of the huge installation has a different windlight setting and it’s worth looking at the land info to find out what they are. I found this Path moving and emotional but that is, in part, due to my own thoughts these days. However, I believe you’ll be impressed no matter what  your current mood. :)

The vast majority of my attention at the moment is focused on SL9B↑. It is a very exciting and demanding time but there is a large team of people working very hard to produce this community event.

We hope you will participate – it won’t be the same without you! Volunteers, Performers and Exhibitors are needed and welcomed and you will find the signup forms on that website under the tabs at the top of the page. It’s a huge endeavour but one that is a lot of fun.

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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  May 21, 2012

    I’m going to admit that I was totally confused by the stuff there… I didn’t see much in terms of a path or story… pretty stuff, for the most part, but just confusing.


    • There’s an assumption admittedly that the structure of an exquisite corpse narrative is understood. But following the book pages assisted me. :)


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