Mourning in Second Life

Kev Sweetwater

I’m sure you’ve heard the news↑. I’m still trying to process it (without much success so far). One of his passions was Burning Man/Burn2. There will be a remembrance and celebration of his life and contributions tonight on the playa↑ from, I believe, 6 pm SLT to 9 pm SLT.  They will be burning the Temple in his honour↑ which is very fitting.

I can’t do my bleeding in public and won’t make it. He knew that about me and would, I think, understand. What I do plan to do is send something to the Burning Man Temple this September and I will watch it be consumed by flames online. I loved the guy and, with any luck, by then I’ll be able to say goodbye.

I’m glad he found Char and I’m comforted that he knew he was loved but he should have had 50 or 60 more years. Some day I’ll come to terms with that.

He read my blog everyday (as he kept reminding me) so this will be the first post he doesn’t read. I wish it was one I didn’t have to write.

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  1. /me hugs you and wishes she could do more.

  2. I didn’t know Kev personally, but it is very sad to hear this, he was so young :(

  3. leondralarsson

     /  May 20, 2012

    Hugs, Honour
    I didn’t know Kev very well, personally. He was a a pillar of the community. That sounds so wank, but at the same same time so true. He held us all up, to the ideal, to be true to the community and the 10 principals. I first Rangered when he was a lead, and that year forever formed my heart for the Burn .

    • He loved the Burn and Burners. And it doesn’t sound “wank” lol, but he would have muttered something and disappeared if you’d said that to his face. *grin*


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