Rusted Development & (yay!) SL9B in Second Life

Rusted Development (moderate)

I played hooky for a while last night *grin* but honestly I couldn’t resist. Rusted Development↑ has opened and it’s an outrageously wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in art and  ignore the rest of your lives. I will warn you though that it’s huge and complex and will require (certainly on my part) more than one visit just to see everything that’s there.

This installation is curated by Rowan Derryth↑ and includes work by (gasp) Haveit Neox↑Rose Borchovski↑, Artistide Despres↑, Claudia222 Jewell↑ , Bryn Oh↑, Scottius Polke↑, Ziki Questi↑, PJ Trenton↑, Blue Tsuki↑, Stephen Venkman↑, Eliza Wierwight↑, and Trill Zapatero↑ ! You must go see this!

You’ll find background to the exhibit and the backstory on the LEA Blog↑ but, in summary, there was an abandoned city in the middle of the ocean and a wandering band of artists decided to make it their playground and gallery.

There is magic underwater and on the land. It is beyond my abilities to describe all the various components and fabulous details and installations. It works as an integrated whole but I kept finding myself entranced by individual pieces and having to pull myself away to discover something else amazing (one reason it will take me more time to see everything). Have’s cityscape is superb and there is humour and serious and occasionally disturbing to be found in the pieces by the various artists.

I admit to spending way too much time watching Artistide’s little “pigs” – it might have had something to do with the, um, flopping of a particular body part as they strain on their leashes.

We found out last Friday that Dream Seeker Estates↑ was going to donate 10 sims to host a centralized SL9B celebration↑. This is an astoundingly generous thing to do and everybody is thrilled and grateful. Once we allowed ourselves 30 seconds of happy dancing we looked at the calendar and started working – there is less than 5 weeks til the event will open.

You can find more information on the SL9B Blog↑ as well as signup forms for Volunteers↑, Performers↑, Exibitors↑ and sessions at the Auditorium↑. This is a community event and it won’t be the same without you – go signup and get involved. It’s going to be a lot of fun and you’ll be glad you were part of creating this event.

My little area allows me to work with the “volunteers’ and yes we describe the role as greeter. Those who have participated before, though, know that this might include a lot of different things. Somebody will have an “idea” and you may find yourself offered a chance to work on a special project – we have a number of them in the pipeline. It could be your idea that gets everybody excited and results in the formation of a team. We need you!

One of the “little projects” we plan to undertake is the creation of a “Celebration HUB” which will make it possible for visitors to the centralized event to be aware of and travel to the localized events happening all over the grid. If you are planning a celebration in your community we will be welcoming the opportunity to include this information and want it to be part of the whole. We will have more details in the next few weeks.

There isn’t much time before the event begins on June 18th, we need your help! I want to repeat that SL9B will not be the same without you. Please go visit the blog↑ and signup to get involved – we hope that every corner of the grid, every language, every culture and every skill level will be represented. You may not have much time and that is no problem – we will be happy for whatever any member of the team can contribute. I look forward to working with you. :)

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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  May 15, 2012

    The Celebration Hub is an excellent idea… reminds me of the old Destiantion Station that was on Corona Cay.


  2. I can’t wait. :)

  3. Cate Storymoon

     /  May 16, 2012

    Me neither – signed up, and will volunteer my little hoofies to the quick! YAY! =)

  4. Honour, thanks so much for visiting us and I’m glad you enjoyed it so! The artists worked so hard and the result is so much more than I possibly could have imagined. Do come back, and we’ll have some more events there in future.

    PJ & I also wrote a catalogue to go with the exhibit, which can be read and downloaded (free!) here:

    Tells some of the exhibit background, story, and talks about each artist. Enjoy!

  1. MetaReality Week 20

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