Confusion, A Colony of Moles & Road Hazards in Second Life

Mizithra (general)

Life is good. It is also hectic and frustrating and exciting and challenging, but it’s good. There is big news of course and I’ll have much to share in the coming days but I’ll leave the announcements for others. I will suggest you glance at the blog roll to see the latest addition. :)

I took a break this morning to follow a photo↑ by Senjata. I was expecting some kind of post-apocalyptic role playing something. What I found was confusing (which could have been insufficient coffee) and educational.

Sierra (general)

I was looking at the structure in her image, so I was in the right place, but realized I was standing on Linden land. When I looked at the map it was an island in a group of islands, so I popped around to a few of them and found more Linden Land and roads. Long stretches of road. I also found a fairly rundown ski hill and small communities and more road.

Moles↑ are by nature secretive but I honestly never associated them with islands. This was obviously foolish on my part.

Reggiano (general)

It isn’t all Linden Land. There are varying sized private parcels here and there – and the biggest fricken tree I’ve ever seen. There’s a small dot and shadow on the front edge of those roots in my photo. That would be me.

All of the islands I visited are rated “General” on the maturity scale which was timely. I saw a comment somewhere about “the big news” that said the Lindens must be involved because it was “general” and “they like that sort of thing”. I had to laugh – we really do judge the rest of the world based on our own preferences. I’m a devotee of the obvious in the early hours of the day.  :)

Nailsworth (general)

I really did keep looking at the map to confirm I was visiting islands but I was eventually convinced. Unfortunately this meant I also relaxed and didn’t pay enough attention to my surroundings.

Linden Roads = unmanned vehicles and we have all learned that lesson over the past couple of years. I forgot and got run over by one of those iconic ice cream trucks. They seem to have evolved though – it whispered that it was sorry.

If this really is mainland then it’s done in a very different way and I remain confused. If they really are islands then I’m still confused but I think you should go decide for yourself. :)

Svecia (general)
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  1. I think that’s the old Teen regions.

  2. Yah, those look familiar, but its been almost 6 years since I’ve seen the Teen Grid. You will, however, find Linden-owned islands and the work of many Moles on them. As far as the unmanned vehicles go, I find them amusing sometimes — the tanks that shoot at you, the exhaust-spewing Cadillacs that target you as roadkill, the miracle cars that run over water and railroad tracks as easily as they do roads — but mostly they are annoying and increase lag.

  3. Jack Mondegreen

     /  January 29, 2013

    Uccello was correct, the continent you speak of is the former Teen Grid. It had a great deal of Mole work done a few weeks shy of the merge, and more followed thereafter. The vehicles mentioned are not Linden-owned, but are the project of a Main Grid resident who purchased land there after it became available to the wider public. To the best of my knowledge, many of the automated Linden constructions (The Ski-Lifts in Sierra, the Railroad from Hippoden) have been broken or otherwise damaged during the past five years, and few now operate correctly.

    You’ll only find a few of the original denizens or their subsequent builds left on the landmass.


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