Art Under Construction in Second Life

I am trying to accomplish “stuff” which takes me away from my usual explorations and postings. This morning I used Second Life to take my mind off ongoing project work to visit something I hope you will plan to experience.

“Under Construction” in the physical aspects of my life involves mud and mess. It also includes blisters and injury and a belief that eventually things won’t look like a blight on the neighbourhood.

Yooma Mayo↑ unlike myself is, however, an artist and while this artist’s build on LEA15↑ is “under construction” it provides a fabulous escape from recalcitrant gardens and is definitely NOT a blight on the neighbourhood. :)

I wish I could claim my own project looked half as good.

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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  May 11, 2012

    Got any melted butter?


  2. I’m working at LEA21, great to see fellow grant artists. :) Those pictures are awesome.

  1. Art Under Construction in Second Life « Honour's Post Menopausal ... | Second Virtual Life |

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