Urban Decay, Music and Mr. Bones in Second Life

The Flowout (moderate)

We know that urban decay follows apocalyptic events, in fact we’re enamoured with those landscapes inworld.

All apocalypses (apocalypsi?) however are not nurtured in the scaly breast of aliens or hardcoded into nuclear warheads, some are financial in nature but can have results that appear just as devastating as war.

The Flowout (moderate)

The Flowout↑ is a build that gives us the decayed remnants of a community in crisis and turns it into art. The land info tells me it is not yet completed but there are shops and home rentals for those of you wishing to live and work to bring the area to life.

The Flowout (moderate)

I was joined on the sim by visitors who took the opportunity to ride their motorcycles around the area – not exactly a gang but somehow they fit with the design scheme. :)

The region’s name is Tobacco Road and for many of us that automatically brings up images of heat and the memories of a great song↑ (the ad on that video is fun btw) so I was prepared to like the place and wasn’t disappointed.

The Flowout (moderate)

This all leads me to today’s video – a tough seque but if you’ll accept a theme of buildings and music it’ll work. :) I’m still waiting for Eupa↑ to tell me his sim is ready to blog, in the meantime Simotron Aquila↑ has an exhibit on his LEA Region that is open.

A relatively new musician on the grid, Mr. Bones↑, has created a great video highlighting both her wonderful build↑ and his amazing voice.  Hamlet↑ has an article about him and his work you should check out. First watch the machinima and then go enjoy the atmosphere on The Flowout↑.

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  1. Urban Decay, Music and Mr. Bones in Second Life...

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