Irresistable Neva River &, um, Second Life Traditions

Neva River (moderate)

OK I’m mad at myself.  I had been fussing with graphics levels to handle a high lag area and forgot to adjust my photo settings before I took these shots of Neva River↑. I’ll go back later and indulge myself but in the meantime you’ll just have to trust me that this region looks much better than my images would lead you to believe.

Neva River (moderate)

The sim, owned by Atteris Amarth & Neva Crystall, designed by Wendy Xeno (owner of HuMaNoiD ) and Neva (interiors) is absolutely stunning. I stayed with the region default windlight and it’s a nice complement to the landscape but you could have a lot of fun experimenting.

Neva River (moderate)

I didn’t go back and redo these photographs because I had to try and complete a special project this morning.  Traditions are one aspect to building and maintaining a community – I think they make you feel like you are part of the whole and, in any case, we all seem to enjoy celebrating milestones.

Neva River (moderate)

With that in mind I returned, as I always do on this date, to Alpha Point↑. No matter how it changes it is still one of my favourite locations on the grid. It may be one of the odder traditions↑ inworld but I don’t feel right unless I go through the exercise.  

If you don’t believe me, search for Poppins Challenge and you’ll find many pictures from over the years (Raul’s↑ from 2008 is one of my favourites but Dale↑ is an expert as well). Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll go get some first aid. Those rocks don’t make for a soft landing.

Alpha Point (moderate)
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  1. Very cool! I went to Alpha Point too, I’ll be 5 friday! Now I have to go see Neva River :)

  2. Thank you so much for visiting Neva River! I was so happy to read your article! Thank you for your wonderful words, that is an honour :)

  3. I always Poppins Jump with my boots on, it seems to help.

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