Machinima Classes & Playing in a Second Life Desert

Desert Basin East (moderate)

I was going to take some photos of assorted landscapes and use them to illustrate notes on a couple of machinima classes, then I landed on a 6 sim roleplay community↑ dedicated to the world of  Herbert’s Dune↑ (Dunes of Mu-Draconis).  If you like SciFi, deserts, military-type stuff, and carry lots of sunscreen then I think you should check them out.

Two pieces of good news on a personal level, I didn’t get shot (in fact one person ran away from me) and I didn’t encounter any sandworms↑. Although I’m not very squeamish when it comes to bugs those giant things made it difficult for me to become a devoted fan of the books.

Al Raqis (moderate)

The safest place to begin your explorations would be Al Raqis↑, this is a neutral area and weapons are not allowed. In addition it has at least some information on the group and survival gear is available (many freebies as well). One of the aspects that appealed to me is that it would seem avatars of all species are welcome (I may be wrong but there is at least one tiny on sale at the info hub).

I know I’m biased and tend to fall in love with desert landscapes but these are really well done.

Wadi Emet (moderate)

Machinima is one of the art forms I would really like to attempt but every time I try I just get lost in the prep. Two notices arrived recently that offer all of us some help in this area.

Tomorrow, May 6, the new LEA Media Arts Center↑ will host an introductory class by the Academia Portucalis (University of Aveiro – Portugal) in both english and portugese. Led by spyVspy Aeon↑ it will begin at 4:00pm SLT. This is a great opportunity to start your journey as a machinimist (and check out the new Media Arts Center).

Splintered Rock (moderate)

For those with a strong interest in the art form and more time, Gridjumper↑has a post about a new free online class offered through the P2P University↑. This two week course begins Monday, June 4. Note that a different course on Developing Alternate Reality Games begins this Monday (May 7th) and you can combine the two. Also, of particular interest to Educators, you can enter your machinima in the 2nd Annual SIVGE Machinima Fest↑.

I’m going to try and do both the session tomorrow and the online class – maybe I’ll develop some new skills. :)

Evangeline (moderate)
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  1. ssfsdelta911

     /  May 5, 2012

    Our base would be in deep desert. :) Thanks for visiting.

    • It’s a fabulous collection of sims, I congratulate you!

      • ssfsdelta911

         /  May 5, 2012

        Ha ha it is. Vooper really should take the credit, Im just one of the admins who helps out by keeping the enviroment free from griefers and other riff raff. :)

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