The Five Continent Reading, A Symphony of Science Fiction in Second Life

Kafe Kruemelkram (moderate)

One of my earliest memories of the grid is floating in mid-air having a conversation with a succubus, a demon, and a hipster. I recall thinking at the time that I obviously read too much science fiction and fantasy because the scene didn’t seem terrible odd in my mind.

I tried to describe that picture to people in the physical world and got blank stares. In fact that’s probably the moment many of them gave up trying to understand me.

Kafe Kruemelkram (moderate)

I admit I don’t trust people who won’t or don’t read, their horizons are just too damn limited. I love reading and will lose myself in almost all genres but the SciFi/Fantasy authors are my favourites. My name is derived from David Weber’s↑ heroine (although *cough* it’s spelled correctly) and the Liaden Universe↑of Lee & Miller is a place I return to visit frequently.

On Saturday, May 5 an event will take place that combines two of my loves – Science Fiction and Second Life. The Five Continent Reading will bring together Science Fiction writers from various parts of the world to read their works to us inworld (in English).

Kafe Kruemelkram (moderate)

Time zones are a bitch but these talented writers are timing their readings to suit as many as possible (although I think we in the west are being spoiled). The invited authors and their scheduled times (SLT time!) will be:

2:00 pm For Asia: Guy Hasson↑ (Israel)

3:00 pm For Africa: Jonathan Elorm Dotse↑ (Ghana)

             For Europe: Michael Iwoleit↑ (Germany) 

4:00 pm For South America: Gustavo Bondoni↑ (Argentina)

             For North America: Ahmed A. Khan↑ (Canada)

For more information on what they will be reading check Michael’s↑ blog.

Kafe Kruemelkram (moderate)

The event will take place in a special room created by Thorsten Küper and Kirsten Riehl above their Kafé Kruemelkram. The photos in this post are from that fabulous Kafé, the slurl I’ve provided will take you to the reading room. Hearing an author read from his or her works is always a treat, hearing from five different writers will be fantastic. I’m looking forward to this and a discussion with them afterwards.

On a different note but keeping with the theme of literature (and the number 5), Daniel↑ has a post about a huge event on Book Island↑ in honour of their 5th Anniversary you should check out. I need to go clean my reading glasses, this is going to be a great month!

Kafe Kruemelkram (moderate)
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  1. I´m looking forward to this great continent-connecting event!


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