A Vague Post About Belief Systems & Second Life

Wizardhat Studios (moderate)

I’ve been thinking again and I apologize in advance because it means I’m going to philosophize a bit. I’m sharing photos from Wizardhat Mornington’s↑ sim so you can skip the ramble and just look at the pics if you like. :)

We each carry out our lives within the boundaries of a belief system.  A set of precepts or “rules”, if you will, that guide our actions, colour our view of the world, and dictate the way we judge ourselves and others.

Wizardhat Studios (moderate)

We “believe” in these principles even if we can’t prove them. This, of course, is what faith is about. This set of beliefs doesn’t have to involve a religion or a predefined list of rules created by somebody else. The ones we write for ourselves involve faith as well, for example I might believe that always telling my partner the truth is the right way to behave but I can’t prove it. The “golden rule” isn’t provable either but it is still a component of the belief system held by many.

Acquiring and building a personal doctrine is hard and painful. It takes time and a lot of trial and error which might be one reason people adopt existing “systems” such as those formulated and promulgated by organized religions or cults.

Wizardhat Studios (moderate)

The problem, as I see it, when adopting any belief system offered by others (political or religious) is that many people cease questioning those rules even if they result in destructive behaviour. An extreme example might be “The Breatharians”.  I’ll let  you do more research on them but they believe that “light” is all that is required to nourish our physical bodies. Food and water are unnecessary. This woman↑ is not the only one who has died as a result.

It seems to me that if we don’t question those rules/systems/organizations in which we’ve placed our faith that we’ve moved from belief to obedience. I don’t do “obey” well.

Wizardhat Studios (moderate)

I’ve been thinking about this subject as I’ve watched the conscious efforts of an organization to use Second Life to promulgate and proselytize. They have a plan, a semi-charismatic figure and an increasing number of people who admire and willingly adopt their list of “commandments”. It will take years to take this “movement” to the level desired but the determination is there.

The grid is an ideal way to grow your population of adherents (or fanatics in some cases) particularly if you can’t afford worldwide television broadcasts or other means of “education”. You can reach people from every part of the globe and encourage them to spread the word in their own physical communities.

It really doesn’t matter if the intent is “good” or benign. I hope those affected continually question not only the belief system but those pushing it – obedience is something that should be offered sparingly.

Wizardhat Studios (moderate)
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  1. I used to be a adherent of the “New Age”, just not a very good one. It very quickly turned into the the “New Age of taking money of the Credulous”. Ransacking native peoples history and culture didn’t go down well with me at the time either.

    Sadly for me, all my friends from that time are now extremely wealthy with all the Prosperity Thinking courses they did, actually no, they aren’t. Someone I know has been living in a caravan for years, and just scraping by. Many have been moving from one New Age movement to another, spending money, climbing up the pyramid, and then dragging their friends in, then it all just falls apart and then they go to the next one.

    • Sometimes I think I should create something that people will pay for me to enlighten them about – but then I realize I don’t have the strength to preach with a straight face. :)

  2. Nerovosa

     /  April 29, 2012

    What is the name of this organization that has a plan for Second Life?

  3. Fortunately, there are also lots of organisations promoting critical thinking in Second Life :)

    One day, those two extreme groups will crash into each other as they expand. It might be interesting to be in the middle of that event and watch what happens :)


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