Seraphine & Mental Database Limitations in Second Life

Seraphine (moderate)

I wish I could claim an encyclopedic knowledge of all the sims in Second Life – unfortunately my mental database is limited so I’ve only just now discovered Seraphine↑ and at least one source tells me it will close soon. Damn! If that’s true you have only a few days to go visit before a really cool destination disappears.

The main islands are humanoid in shape and they currently host (on various levels) a number of art installations well worth your time. The slurl will take you to a teleport hub you can use to access all of the various areas in the region.

Marcel Chiffon (moderate)

MysterLo↑ shares the nocturnal world of Marcel Chiffon with endless stairs, doors that don’t open (except when they d0), and the type of surreal images that appear in our dreams.

The exhibit called Plip Plop provides an even odder (but stunning) landscape by Jade Koltai↑ that is a combination african safari and elegant drawing room.

Plip Plop (moderate)

Using the transporter to visit the Dome AfhtonP will take you sea level and the exhibit by Afhton Pluvences↑. His profile says he has given up – I hope that’s not true. I want to see more of his work.

In fact I want to see more by all of these artists – I’m not familiar with any of them but I’d like to be.

Dome AfhtonP (moderate)

Sometimes the size of the grid is overwhelming and oddly depressing. There is so much to see and a wealth of great talents but many are overlooked – nobody can get to everything. If Seraphine really is closing I hope these artists and the curator of the exhibits find other locations to share their work with the rest of us.

I’ll leave you with an image of Silentwater Soulstar’s↑ Japan Mood. Go see an intriguing region and some cool exhibits and I’ll try and figure out a way to expand the storage in my database.

Japan Mood (moderate)
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