Limina, Futuristic Tech Meets Fantasy in Second Life

Limina (moderate)

I went island hopping on the LEA↑ sims this morning – just to see what was there.  It was supposed to be a quick trip, just a brief scan to check in on the artists’ progress.  But I landed on LEA18↑ and was captivated by light and colour and movement and some really cool stuff.

Limina (moderate)

There’s lot I don’t know – even after spending an hour exploring and taking photos. I don’t know if it’s a finished installation and I apologize to the creator if it’s not.  I don’t know if there’s a preferred landing spot so you’ll just have to use the one I arbitrarily chose.

I also don’t know the story (but I had fun making one up) and I am not familiar with the artist, WhatDuh Freck↑. I am impressed by his work though.

Limina (moderate)

I do know that out there in the middle of the ocean, built on metallic mountains, is a futuristic habitat of some sort. I’m guessing there is a type of atmospheric threat because it is sealed, so perhaps the builders are not native to the environment.

If you look “outside” you’ll find another kind of threat.  The “wildlife” is unusual and does not appear friendly although I’m sure the one-eyed dragon is adorable in his mother’s eyes.

Limina (moderate)

I loved this.  One of my favourite discoveries was a giant bug with a very odd capacity for breeding smaller mechanical “insects?” which then seem to be attacking the occularly challenged monster.

With the giant caveat that this installation might not actually be “finished” – I suggest you go visit Limina↑ and have some fun.  One tip – when you’re wandering the corridors, use the hands for teleporting.

Limina (moderate)
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