Serendipity Leads to Seed in Second Life

Seed (moderate)

This happens to me a lot.  I was heading somewhere and looking at the map to orient myself when I saw a nearby island that appeared interesting, so I went there “first”. Serendipity has served me well in the past and this instance is no exception. I’ll have to go to my original destination another time.

Seed (moderate)

I’m always impressed when people create something special and lovely on a homestead. As compelling as I find large and complex builds, the larger prim allowance on a regular region isn’t required to produce something with atmosphere and appeal.

Seed (moderate)

I think I’ll describe Seed↑ as a rural Japanese community.  It isn’t jam packed with “stuff” but it doesn’t feel empty or trite or haphazard. It also doesn’t feel small.  There is a sense that the roads and buildings have been there for a long time and, although there are signs of age in some of the infrastructure, you feel like the people who live there take care of it.

Seed (moderate)

There are a couple of small signboards that will have information on them in the future. I don’t know what kind – maybe events. In the meantime Seed↑ is a delightful place to visit. I voted and tipped because this type of destination is one I think should be encouraged and, since I’m posting this, you know I obviously think it should be shared. :)

Seed (moderate)
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  1. isfullofcrap

     /  April 19, 2012

    Sometimes, simplicity is best.


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