Sex, Trollops & Lipstick on a Pig in Second Life

Crash Bang Trollop (moderate)

There are days when I have to search for a theme for a blog post, on other occasions the theme is just sitting there screaming at me. When I checked my messages this morning I found I’d received a group invitation overnight from a complete stranger.  This happens – I don’t know why but it does.

I usually just delete them without reading but because it came to me in email form the content was laid out.  This was for a sex group – again not unusual but why they think I’m a good candidate escapes me.  What was different about this one is that the role they were offering was “owner”!?!  I’m sure they’re confusing me with somebody else.

Crash Bang Trollop (moderate)

I also had a notecard and invitation from Maya Paris↑, I love her art and her sense of humour and I enjoy her skewed perspective on things.  However.  She is single handedly responsible for most of the “creepy” hits I get on my blog.

I tend to name my photos in accordance with the sim or installation they represent.  In Maya’s case, for example, that means I’ve included pictures named “Banana Boobs”. Once that title gets indexed by Google Images I get some very, um, interesting visitors.  I know I will regret today’s gallery of images which are all labelled “Trollop”.

Crash Bang Trollop (moderate)

One of my regrets from last year is that due to workload I missed Maya’s installation at MetaLES↑.  The good news this year is that not only was she awarded a full sim at LEA↑ but while she builds a special exhibit she is giving us another chance to experience Crash Bang Trollop↑.

Some women will go to any extreme to achieve the shape and look they consider ideal. Maya offers the opportunity to explore this phenomenon and realize the dream of transforming into a superhero at the same time. In other words,  Super Trollops of the world unite.

Crash Bang Trollop (moderate)

When you land on the sim grab your ZaP suit then head off to explore and find your Trollop gadgets. “Run Wild, click everything! Dodge the needlefish, tiptoe through the aggravated follicles, help those boobs escape the underwires, Wax on….and off…., spray yourself orange, watch out for the trollop-rocket and don’t forget to Vajazzzzz.”  You’ll have fun becoming the superhero Trollop without having to undergo real life surgery. :)

In keeping with today’s theme, I noticed, when I went to grab the link to the LEA blog↑, that this summer there will be a region focused on the “sensual, immersive and sophisticated” side of SL.  It will include innovative and dynamic programing with adult-rated content.  I’m sure it will be tasteful.  I’ve noticed this before but I won’t tell you what I think of their appropriation of the term “sophisticated” and the whole ‘lipstick on a pig’ approach to marketing that works so well.

Speaking of lipstick, one of the fun things about Crash Bang Trollop↑ is the opportunity to row lipstick boats. I forgot about my driving ban. Ooops!

Crash Bang Trollop (moderate)
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  1. You had me at “Trollops and Lipstick on a Pig.” *gigglesnort*

  2. AlexHayden Junibalya

     /  April 18, 2012

    Judging by the title, for a minute I thought you’d been to the town nearest to where I live on a Friday night… :D

  3. Wait. I’m a trollop and I … okies. I’m confused. Is this good or bad for trollops?


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