Wherein Second Life Reminds the Intrepid Explorer to Consider Her View Distance

La Pieta (moderate)

I saw this photo↑ by Liqueur Felix and thought I’d go visit something pretty, however  when I landed on La Pieta↑ I was captivated by very different images.  I was expecting that odd fantastical but lush landscape.  What I saw looked like what might happen if an architect obsessed with boxes got drunk with a surreal interior designer and they decided to collaborate.

La Pieta (moderate)

When I land somewhere I do so with my view distance shortened as low as possible.  I do this for a couple of reasons; for one thing I don’t know what I’m likely to encounter and don’t want to wait forever for things to rez but I also want to “see” things at the micro level first.  The latter gives me a sense of the level of detail and aesthetic of the creation I’m visiting.

La Pieta (moderate)

Don’t assume from these pics that the pretty (albeit edgy) landscape from Liqueur’s photograph isn’t present – it is, but what you see will depend on whether or not you’re willing to lengthen your view and how much effort you’ll put in to exploring.

My approach to looking at things helps me for an image or composition but it means I would miss things if I didn’t also step back and take a wider look as well.   The thing is, once I see something I really like I tend to focus on that and leave the rest of the build to be shared by others.

La Pieta (moderate)

This little exercise reminded me that we all travel our various lives with a “view distance” based on our own objectives and biases.  This makes us much more comfortable than we’d be if we had to take every other point of view into consideration.

You can immediately recognize those who are not interested in anything but themselves and their own opinions.  It’s a good idea to remember the sense that what you are/think/feel isn’t of value to them and how that affected you.  It might make us all reconsider our own approach to the rest of the world.  Or maybe I just need more coffee. :)

La Pieta (moderate)
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  1. Stop it! The quality and depth of your posts make the rest of us bloggers seem to be hacks!

    Huggs anyway.


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