Overly Sweet Photos & Idle Thoughts from Second Life

I had very little time today for exploring – I really do need to get some work done inworld and there’s a rl garden that requires some attention.  So I went to Precious Orchid Island↑ and played a bit with windlight – these will be my token saccharine sweet photos for a while.  I’ll waste this space with a few odds & ends and idle thoughts. :)

It’s that time of year and you know your wallet will be targeted by various teams and events BUT there’s a fund raiser for Relay For Life↑ which doesn’t require any money from you. SecondLie↑ has offered to donate one penny for every “love” he gets on his my.secondlife post – and 9 others will match that up to US$100 each.  How simple is that?  Just go click on the love button and they’ll pay.  Then point out to all your friends/enemies/ex’s/stalkers that they need to do it as well.  You will all be able to say you contributed – even if it doesn’t cost anything but a click.

I’m starting to feel like a breakfast cereal.  You know the one in the commercials that talked about “the adult in me” and “the kid in me”?  I mentioned recently that my virtual life had been free of DRAMA until last year.  I’ve walked away and that should be the end of it.  Ha!  Grownup me will win only because I really don’t care.  Not very noble of me but it’ll be much less exhausting this way.

I don’t know why it’s so hard at the moment to get motivated or accomplish much but it is.  I’ll keep plugging and I’m sure the molasses under my feet will dissolve eventually. I’m one of those people who only believe the “planetary alignments from thousands of years ago control my life” stuff when it’s positive. The good news is that Friday is a triple dragon day↑ – so I’m expecting it to be very lucky.  Some of you can worry about it being Friday the 13th – me?  I’ll choose to go with the optimistic side and hope for better days ahead. Well for most of us anyway – guess the kid in me wins that one.

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  1. Honour, may I use these photos (or some of them) for the Prim Perfect daily jigsaw?
    See: http://primperfectblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/prim-perfect-jigsaw-breakfast-on-the-patio/ for a sample. You’ll be credited – if there’s no credit, it means I took the pic ;-)

  1. Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Water Lilies on Precious Orchid Island « Prim Perfect

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