Wherein the Intrepid Explore indulges her “Honour Mood” in Second Life

Darling Uccie↑ referred to an “Honour McMillan mood (Look! An Art sim!!) ” the other day.  The brat.  It’s true I revel in them and like to post what I’ve seen on here.  I could be known for something far worse I expect.

I realized yesterday why this is so and I’ll share that scathingly brilliant insight tomorrow.

Given that I will stipulate my weakness for them it won’t come as a surprise that I’m really excited that the next round of LEA↑ sims are starting to open.  I’ve been quietly taking a peak at what’s happening and there are some very cool builds. The bad news is that nobody listened to me (nothing new) and there are no indications on the regions of at least approximate opening dates.

So I will go with whatever announcements I see and with those builds that appear to be finished.

I think/believe/hope that Typote Beck’s↑ installation on LEA29↑ is ready for you to explore (my apologies to the artist if I’m wrong).  I don’t know if it has a name other than “set to midnight” though. :)

Titles often help me with interpretation because I may love the art but I’m not a scholar and I know I miss meaning and metaphor.

I can tell you it suited my “mood” today in part because he’s so talented and it’s full of fascinating and beautiful images.  The build also matched my own feelings – it’s another one of those days of introspection but I’ll spare you the details.

I’m looking forward to a lot of great art this month and I thoroughly enjoyed Typote’s work.  It’s a good way to begin the journey through the new creations popping up on the grid. :)

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  1. /me quietly makes “Look! An Art Sim!!” t-shirts and distributes them for free, all the proceeds going to Honour’s Museum Pass Fund.


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