Painting with Water & Fire in Second Life

The Split Screen art space owned/run/curated by Dividni Shostakovitch↑ is once again offering us two large installations by great artists.  I’ve loved everything he’s shown us and this combination is no exception.  Whether he intends it or not my mind tries to link the two very different exhibits in some manner and on this occasion they showed me the very different ways fire and water can be used inworld to evoke feeling and tell stories.

The first creation is by an artist I encountered for the first time in November.  Blue Tsuki↑ created an immersive installation↑ that still affects me emotionally.

Adagio is a conceptual piece, a vision and meditation on a poem:

Our dust pours from singing urns
floating into a common sea
windmills churn
pumping that essence
into a fiery ether

Set your environment to 7:05 pm (or sunset), turn up the music and lose yourself in the motion and colour and peace this installation offers.

Acquarella – After the Apocalypse is the first half of Alizarin Goldflake’s↑ installation from InWorldz and tells the story of the goddess Acquarella who sets out to repopulate the dead ocean after the human race wipes out life on earth.  However, she makes a big mistake along the way.

Fire and rain and ocean combine to make your journey on this path beautiful as well as fantastical.  Set your viewer to midnight and see what the deity has wrought.

April is going to be a big month for art on the grid and it is already full of magical works.  I enjoyed both of these installation and I recommend you go visit.

Just to encourage you a wee bit more Kara Trapdoor↑ has created a machinima↑ of her exploration of  Split Screen.  Watch that video and then go see what can be done with virtual water and fire.  :)

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