Art Rises from the Sea in Second Life

Belle Glade (moderate)

This will be a very rushed post and far too brief for the subject which is a new gallery/art space called  Radio-Trottoir – Art Intime Decale on Belle Glade↑.

Belle Glade (moderate)

I found this spot when I saw a photo↑ that one of the artists posted on   Numero5↑, minerva mathieson↑ and Pol Jarvinen↑ have combined forces to create pieces which perhaps shouldn’t work together but do.

Belle Glade (moderate)

Out there in the middle of an empty ocean you will find 3d works, immersive and colourful experiences and 2d pieces that have life and movement.

Belle Glade (moderate)

I fell in love with the “landscape” and build and art.  Give yourself a treat and block off some time to go explore what has risen from the sea.  There is a lot of talent on display in these waters. :)

Belle Glade (moderate)
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