The Different Sides to Rouge Decadence in Second Life

Rouge (moderate)

There are many places on the grid that we all assume everybody else knows.  Often “everybody” is limited in number and we forget.  I made a quick trip this morning to what some of us consider an iconic sim, Rouge↑.

This is the fabulous island that Eshi Otawara↑ terraformed and landscaped for CodeBastard (Codie) Redgrave↑ a few years ago.  Home to the Rouge Lounge Gallery & Boutique.  You may have seen photos of some of the memorable parties held on this island or seen some of the clever gadgets or other (often sensual)  items that can be purchased.

Rouge (moderate)

What you may not have seen is the very different landscape sitting thousands of meters in the air above that gloriously decadent region.

I have long known that, in addition to her delight of red lushiness, Codie has a particular fondness for post-apocalyptic urban decay.  You’ll find that aspect of her personality if you can tear yourself away from the feathers and spike heels.

Rouge (moderate)

This is a different view of decadence but still an environment which will lend itself to indulgence – albeit in a grittier format.

Perhaps a bit of role play would be considered.  The design lends itself to exploration or party and even provides hidden spots for contemplation or conversation.

Rouge (moderate)

The visit this morning was another reminder to me that I make too many assumptions about what is and isn’t widely known.  I personally make so many of them that it’s only in hindsight I recognize what I take for granted.

Maybe the Destination Guide needs a category for “Places the rest of us just assume you’ll find”.  The SLurl in the caption to the first photo will take you to sea level.The rest will land you on the edge of the decaying yet gorgeous counterpoint floating high in the air.  You should really visit both. Don’t forget, if the photos look blurry to you just click to see the full size. :)

Rouge (moderate)
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  1. Add me to the list of folks who’d never heard of this spot.

    I’d say about 90% of the places I read about on various sim death watches are places I’d never heard of until the day bloggers started saying some iconic important to all of SL place was going away.

    Beyond all the things LLs has been doing to make owning land unviable, landowners themselves need to make sure their places are known about if they don’t want to fade into obscurity.

    • Oh you’re right absolutely – but also those of use who do “know” need to remember occasionally that many don’t. *blush*

  2. Reblogged this on DJ Splash Kidd's Blog and commented:
    What can I say about Honour that hasn’t already been said. She’s a true gift to those who blog about the artistic and creative aspects of Second Life. Honour, thank you so much for sharing your discovery’s via your blog of the main different ways the pattern landscape of Second Life can be represented in.

  3. isfullofcrap

     /  April 5, 2012

    Heh, A gigantic butt.


  4. codebastard

     /  April 6, 2012

    Wow I feel so honoured (get it?) that my little home got showcased on your magnificent travel blog! Thanks for taking the time to explore it and for the lovely article and awesome pictures, i’m always thrilled to see how people captures my places while exploring them. .

    As a shameless plug, we have events every monday night at Rust (the apocalyptic sky build inspired of Fallout 3) where we shoot zombies under a rain of sky debris, while listening to Dubstep tunes. You are all welcome to join us around 6PM SLT and bring some guns to shoot stuff and chill out.

    Thanks again for the awesome review and I hope to see all of your readers around soon!

    Codie <3


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