Sometimes it pays to Follow Your Nose in Second Life

New World Savannah (moderate)

Some days exploring the grid means “following your nose” and if things seem inexplicable just go with it.  I don’t really need to understand the story underlying the builds, if I like what I see I’ll persevere and keep clicking that camera.

I started this journey wandering around an 18th Century version of Savannah, Georgia.  The fort, the tavern and the collection of cottages are interesting and I was playing with settings and taking photos.  Then I saw this on the horizon.

Fox Hollow (moderate)

At first I thought it was just a close neighbour til I remembered you can’t see unassociated sims next door so I finally looked at the map.  There are six islands in this group all linked by the title “Age of Sail” and by their owners the Kenzo Clan.  The only other thing I can tell you is that they’d appreciate it if you cleaned up any unmoored boats and stray prims you may have rezzed.

They certainly seem to welcome visitors which is a good thing.  I’d hate to be thrown in jail for trespassing. :)

Fox Landing (moderate)

I’m giving you slurls to landing spots on each of the islands I visited but fair warning, some seem to have forced arrival spots under water.  The good news is that you can fly so no trudging through the depths is required. :)

The “Fox” sims have similar themes – an elven, magical, fantasy type of build and they’re gorgeous.  In fact all of the builds I saw are really well done.

Fox Grove (moderate)

There are two “New World” regions and then one which looks like a rocky island covered in trees and flowers.  This last one is actually  hollow so you can enter and explore a mountain (which sounds like an elf-type of thing as well).

If you like sailing, exploring or just taking photographs I suggest you go visit these islands.  Someday I’ll either find the backstory or make one up.  In the meantime I just enjoyed the landscapes I found.

Goose Bay (moderate)
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  1. Always follow your nose! Whenever someone from the Lucky Kitty Crew (a great “freebie” group and one of the oldest in SL) needs help “flipping” a prize chair or “slapping” a prize board, I’ll take a few minutes to roam the shop after I help out and then explore outside, too. I’ve found some wonderful sights (and more freebies) by looking around and being curious. Quite often a merchant will add something amusing to find or simply have a nice little scenic place to relax outside the shop.

    Same goes for visiting other recommended places. Sometimes my brother will drop a landmark on me thinking that I’ll find a place interesting, but as often as not I’ll discover something just as interesting or more so near by.

    As always, Honour, thanks for sharing :D


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