Wherein the Intrepid Explorer feels at Home in Second Life Grasslands

Grasslands (general)

If you’re my age and I say  Pink Flamingo you will probably think Miami Vice and/or kitsch.  In the case of Kaja Lurra-Brinner’s brand new build you’d be very wrong.  I saw her photos↑ on Koinup and went to go see the place she tells me has just opened on the sim named for that iconic bird.

You know I love the sun and I’m not a beach person.  The desert is much more appealing to me and Grasslands↑ is fabulous.

Grasslands (general)

This landscape seems spare but it’s not empty.  Kaja was aiming to create a meeting place for everybody and I’ll be glad to take advantage of her hard work (and not just to play with my camera).

There is a delightful outdoor cafe and balloons you can use to tour around when you get tired of riding your horse.  You can also use one of the various spots created around the sim for quiet conversation with a loved one or just solitary contemplation.

Grasslands (general)

I wasn’t actually going to do a blog post today but this sim is just too cool not to share.  It was one of those rare times when I landed somewhere and immediately felt at home and comfortable and welcomed.  It might have something to do with needing an escape from endless rain in the physical world – but I think it really has more to do with Kaja’s landscaping skills.

Grasslands (general)

I’ll go back after I’ve had some more coffee and try and do justice to this landscape with my camera.  I’ll also go back just to sit and talk with friends.  Go check this place out – it’s a great addition to the grid.

Grasslands (general)
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  1. SpaceCase

     /  March 28, 2012

    What a wonderful sim to explore! Thanks for sharing it!

    PS: Pink Flamingos not only remind me of the things you mentioned, but of John Waters too. :3

  1. Wherein the Intrepid Explorer feels at Home in Second Life ... | Second Life and Virtual Worlds | Scoop.it

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