Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Pirates in Second Life

Armada Breakaway (moderate)

If I could find something about vampires or Alice in Wonderland I think this build would manage to incorporate most of the major themes we love inworld.  It might sound a little strange, and it could be that the owners would describe it differently, but I think this combination works and it’s a great place to visit.

My journey began today with this photo↑ by LookatmyBack.  I know he likes steampunk so I thought I’d check out the region and see what was there.

Armada Breakaway (moderate)

The apocalypse can arrive in a variety of forms.  In the case of the world which was Armada a giant storm was the culprit and caused part of that great city state to break off and float to sea.  The survivors, now out of touch with their compatriots, are rebuilding as best they can with what they have managed to salvage and what arrives with the tide.

They call themselves Armada Breakaway↑ and their community is developing along paths that reflect those who cling to the flotsam and jetsam of what remains of their former home.

Armada Breakaway (moderate)

The ingenuity of these refugees is apparent.  If they can’t float a building on barrels they will suspend it from a flying machine.  Now that they are cutoff from trade or marketplaces they have to devise ways to grow food and manufacture everything for themselves.

You’ll discover that they not only utilize their airspace and the ocean’s surface but also are experimenting with underwater construction.

Armada Breakaway (moderate)

This is a suprisingly (to me at least) complex build and deserves some time to appreciate all the details and extra touches.  You’ll find shops, freebies and small vignettes with animations which allow you to participate in the daily life of these people as they create a new life for themselves.

I don’t care how strange the mix of genres might sound.  This is a cool place. Yes my anti-aliasing went wonky at one point, just ignore that and go visit. :)

Armada Breakaway (moderate)
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  1. ahuva18

     /  March 27, 2012

    Honour – I have what is undoubtedly a very foolish and ignorant question but I’ll humiliate myself anyway and ask it in public: Do all/most builds have a stated history? Often you mention a “background” for a community. Where are the histories stored? How do you get them? I’ve been to themed communities, but never really thought about their “past”.

    • I go looking – first in the about land info – they sometimes put information there (as was the case with this site). Sometimes there are notecards at a landing point with backstories. Sometimes they have a website with info. Sometimes I just make it up. :p

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